The Blog Is Dead; Long Live the Blog

According to an article in this morning’s New York Times,  the younger generations are abandoning that dusty old relic, blogging, in favor of even speedier conversational mediums like Twitter and Facebook. Seems they don’t like the idea of writing a complete sentence, let alone a complete thought. And the idea that maybe nobody will read your every word is just, well, just wrong.

So instead of the greatest democratizing media in history—enabling millions of people all over the world a free platform for expressing themselves in every way from the sublime to the absurd and back again—instead of that, we move steadily toward a communication network of tweets, texts, twits, twats, and twaddle. Every thought you can express in 140 characters or less spewed freely in the matrix, to be gobbled up by all 350 of your closest FaceFriends.

And why do I care?

I don’t, really. The pressure of technology on communication has always been toward the more concise, more efficient, more effective model. Where it ends is anybody’s guess, but it looks more and more to me like our human culture evolves rapidly toward some kind of über mind-entity, a kind of planetary intelligence, a kind of great big fucking bio-brain orbiting Sol between Venus and Mars.

But never mind that. What’s really important here—and I cannot stress this enough—is the coming end, the approaching death, the soon final breath, the inevitable terminus of SEO’s most cherished supply of backlinks, the blog comment. Millions upon billions of inane comment spam links have driven our e-Economy for most of a decade, by elevating J.C. Penny’s search terms to stratospheric heights, by feeding the families of innumerable professional link spammers and buying yachts for the CEOs of handful of giant SearchDEX style search marketing firms who’ve made their nut by pushing this particular flavor of snake oil.

The End Is Nigh. Blog comment links, we shall miss you.

New York Times Article

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