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Google Chrome’s Game Changer

Last month, Google (sort of) quietly added a new feature to their signature browser, Chrome. And although it may not sound like all that much, this wee tweak has some definite ramifications for SEO and the entire practice of search marketing.

It’s just this.

Eh? How is that a big deal? Well, imagine first that this capability becomes widespread. Then imagine that you are a professional SEO with a fat contract from, say, BF Nickel’s Company, and you spend a year optimizing all their pages for search. Next, let us further imagine that these pages—while optimized perfectly—are somewhat sucky in terms of usefulness. Now, finally, let us imagine that 50% or so of all the potential customers of BF Nickels click on that little “Block” link. And suddenly, all of that SEO work is flushed like so many deceased goldfish. Because once a search result has been blocked, it will never show up in that particular person’s search results again. No matter how well optimized it is.

Think BF Nickel’s is going to extend your contract for another year?

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