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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Ready for it? The Site of the Week this week goes to SEO Quake. Remember a couple of week ago I told you about a Firefox plugin called the SEO Book Fabulous Extension for Firefox? And I said

I used this extension this a lot back when I was first getting my feet wet in the SEO swamp. I’ve moved on to some more sophisticated tools, but still recommend the SEO Book extension for Firefox heartily.

Well, SEO Quake is one of the things I moved on to.

This sucker rocks. When installed and running, it gives you an SEO run-down on every site you visit, in an easy to digest data row at the top of the usable browser window.  At a glance, you get current PageRank™, number of pages indexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, number of backlinks, Alexa rank, domain age, and links to more, more, more.  Click the “Info” link and you get keywords and keyword phrases in use, along with their density.

Even better! When you do a search for something, it gives you quick running breakdown of stats on every site in the search results!!!! Now that’s an awesome power.

Not only do you get all that, but this extension can be modded to show Google trend data. I find it all quite useful.

If you’re past the “title & meta tags” stage of SEO, you def want this. Let’s give it one of everything, twice.

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