An SEO Quiz

Which of the following is clearly NOT a violation of Google’s Terms of Use:

  1. DNS cloaking
  2. Buying and selling links
  3. Keyword targeted landing pages
  4. Hiding keywords & links
  5. Automated rank checking

If Google believes that you have violated their Terms of Use, they might:

  1. Remove your website and its pages from the Google index
  2. File an injunction against you
  3. Push all of your site’s pages farther down in rank
  4. Send a “cease and desist”
  5. Numbers 1 and 3
  6. Numbers 2 and 4

If you believe your competitors are in violation of Google’s Terms of Use, Google suggests you:

  1. Report them to your state’s Attorney General
  2. Try to duplicate their tactics
  3. Notify Google through their Webmaster Tools interface
  4. Repeatedly click on the competitor’s AdWord ads

If you have a database driven site that might use multiple different URL strings for the same page, you should:

  1. Place a <meta content=”duplicates”> tag in the head of your home page
  2. Place a <link rel=”canonical” href=”preferred URL” /> tag in  the head of duplicated pages
  3. Stop it immediately
  4. Post a “sitemap” with links to all the pages


  1. Reciprocal linking is a violation of Google’s rules. (true/false)
  2. Achieving higher search engine ranks by breaking search engine rules is illegal. (true/false)
  3. Google prohibits the use of 301 redirects (true/false)
  4. Buying links is considered the same crime as fraud. (true/false)
  5. Using a competitor’s brand names as keywords can get you fined. (true/false)

For extra credit, name three ways of gaining backlinks that are actively discouraged by Google. HINT:  There are more than three.

3, 5, 3,
T/F: false, false, false, false, false

10 correct: you are an SEO Star
7-9 correct: you’re doing all right, but could learn a bit more
4-6 correct: maybe you should consider hiring somebody to do your SEO
1-3 correct: give up on SEO and open an AdWords account

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