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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

This week’s site is Webmasterworld, a humble forum that can be described as probably the richest source of information about the web anywhere on the web. Online since 1996, Webmasterworld has been a kind of class secretary of the internet, accumulating facts, conjectures, theories, plans, strategies, issues, bugs, ideas, rumors, flame wars, warnings, hacks, ego trips, how-tos, quick fixes, panic attacks, knowledge, inferences, fear mongering, analyses, mea culpas, martyr complexes, innuendos, information, personalities, apocrypha, and the tattered souls of webheads from every corner of the world wide webs.

A Google search for “” just got me over 2,000,000 pages of content. The true scope is probably much, much grander.

That’s a pretty big dawg.

Not all of this awesomeness is devoted to search marketing, of course. The topics covered here  are as endless as cyberspace. Still, just to keep this blog on some sort of track, it must be noted that the sections devoted to SEO are numerous, diverse, and beyond all, exceeding useful.

Want to know the latest Google update scuttlebutt? Webmasterworld has a Google section that contains over a million posts. Robust marketing section. Bunch of Yahoo stuff. Much ado about everything. Over 38,000 posts on link building, for crying out loud.

So there it is.  Big old pile of forum posts, some useful, some information, some amusing, some not-so-much. Most of this can be accessed for free, by anyone. They do have a subscription paywall that provides some additional benefit and helps support the site. For $150 a year, you get:

  • Access to the private supporters forum. It is made up of some of the best professionals in the business in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • An ad free environment if we should add advertising.
  • A special discounted Supporters Only rate to all WebmasterWorld hosted conferences.
  • Access to WebmasterWorld ToolSet including: Keyword Density Analyzer, robots.txt Validator, Spider Simulator, Browser Header Checker, and the Server Header Checker.

I cannot recommend (or commend) Webmasterworld enough. I give it One Click, times 2 million.