Futuristic SEO

Imagine, if you will, the Search Marketing industry of 2025. Okay, it probably won’t even exist. Instead, you’ll have your own personal digital assistant (ne “iSlave”) to run about the web looking for stuff you didn’t even know you wanted, but can’t really live without. But if SEO was still a useful endeavor, what might it look like?

Advanced Social Networking
Companies begin to develop into their own social networks, creating happy little puddles of customer base just aching to be marketed to. This is an outgrowth of the Facebook Fan page, but much much more. Genuinely attractive content rules. For instance, a JC Penny’s might well develop a network around, say, professional soccer. They would perhaps even buy a pro soccer team, just to give them a social nucleus.  Building content around that nucleus then gives fans a reason to participate. JC Penney’s then markets sports-related brands unmercifully, and all other products through more subtle means.

Media Penetration
There have always been program sponsors for television, radio, and other entertainment media. What will be different, perhaps, is the level to which industries might take on the actual development of entertainment content, expressly for the purpose of search posture. One might envision a sitcom created by Zappos around the premise of Sex in the Spacestation, where our cute but brain-damaged nymphettes endlessly prattle on about their love lives and their shoes. Which are, incidentally, all available at Zappos. The series is delivered solely through the internet, and everybody who tunes in (surfs in?) to watch adds to Zappos authority status for the keywords “shoes,” “stilettos,” and “bimbos.”

Search Warfare
Are your competitors kicking your butt for high-value search terms? In 2025 you might hire a team of Search Assassins to undo the competition’s expensive SEO efforts. Through devious content publication techniques, the assassins can manipulate search ranks connecting (and in the process associating) an enemy with icky keywords, or place them in undesirable neighborhoods, or make them appear to be following the Path of Le Chapeau Noir.

Topic Leeches
Certain unscrupulous vendors will perfect the technique of manipulated individual search. By placing tracking cookies (and through other even more nefarious means) on web users, the SEOs will compile topic dossiers that link user to search queries, and then direct all further searches from those users to results that are targeted directly at them. Have you been searching S&M sites in the wee hours of night? You might find that your perfectly innocent daylight searches for “tire chains” now include a few “bonus” results…..

The real scary thing? All that stuff is either happening now, or is in late-stage development. Change the date above from 2025 to 2012.  And you better hurry up and order your new iSlave. The wait list is getting pretty long.

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