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10 Link Bait Ideas

What is link bait?

Link bait is content you create specifically in the hope that it will become so popular that thousands of people will link to it, and in so doing, link to your site. Think “viral.”

In theory, this should improve the search posture of the page the content is on. If you then link the bait page to a high-value page (say your home page), some of that golden goodness will rub off. In theory.

In practice, this strategy has been seen to pay off big. It is also much more likely to fail. The keys to success with link bait content are:

  • It must be attractive to a significant number of web users
  • It must be released into the web in some way that promotes its viral possibilities
  • If it becomes associated with your brand name, it must not degrade or debase that brand
  • It should ideally be connected in some way (even marginally) with your product, service, or industry
  • It must be very, very lucky

Note: in all cases, the content you release really must belong to you. Do not attempt to build link bait out of stolen material. In case you think that anything you find on the web is free to use, be advised it is not. Copyrights apply to almost everything. Including stuff you make yourself, only in that case, you own it. So, for all the ideas below, you absolutely must create it, commission it, buy it, or secure the rights. Seriously.

10 Ideas for Link Bait Content

  1. Develop a free online game
  2. Write a controversial article
  3. Produce a video of a silly song
  4. Do a video how-to on something currently trendy
  5. Write a step-by-step instruction on something difficult
  6. Post a clever review of something that is really popular
  7. Explain something complex in simple, graphical terms
  8. Put together a series of magnificent photos of interesting locales
  9. Video or photograph cute animals doing adorable things
  10. Draw an edgy comic strip

Oh, and I better add one more, perhaps the grandest idea of them all:

Put together a top 10 list

A Few Places to Promote Link Bait Content

YouTube (video)

Flickr (photography)

4chan (edgy–WARNING 4chan may contain offensive content NSFW)

Delicious (anything interesting)

StumbleUpon (anything entertaining)

Digg (whatever)

Any social networking site.