Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

If you have any interest in SEO at all, you should either be or get familiar with the name Rand Fishkin. Rand got into SEO around 2002 (one year after I did, in case anyone’s keeping track) and quickly developed into one of SEO’s most authoritative voices.  Conference speaker, book author, world traveler, and founder of SEOMoz, one of the industry’s most enduring and recognizable brands.

SEOMoz hawks a tiered set of  pay-to-play SEO “intelligence” software packages. I’ve never tried the subscription stuff, and don’t think I ever will. I am, it seems, fundamentally opposed to paying for subscription SEO services. Unless it’s YOU paying ME. Still, the data their software collects and reports on does look useful—I just don’t see how even the low-end package justifies the spend. So just to be clear, I am not recommending any of the SEOMoz products although I’m sure they work well for a lot of people. Actually, I’m not NOT recommending them either. If SEOMoz wants to give me a free trial, I’ll be happy to do a review.

What I do recommend—and heartily—is Friday’s SEO Site of the Week: the SEOMoz Blog. This blog has been running continuously for at least 7 years now. At first, it was Rand at the helm, delivering search marketing insights with flair and insight. He still posts pretty regularly, but now the blog has expanded to include other staffers and the occasional guest poster. Always a good read, and frequently the leading voice on topics of immense importance to SEOers, SEOMoz Blog is definitely worth a bookmark.

I’ll give it a few clicks and a bat or two.

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