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The Perfect Backlink

What constitutes a perfect backlink? I mean, if you got to pick one link to your site from any page on the web, what would it be? What page would it be on, and what would it look like? If you don’t already know the answer, I’m here to help. Just consult this very short list of ideal backlink characteristics.

An ideal backlink should

  • come from a highly authoritative page
  • come from a highly relevant page
  • not have a “nofollow” meta tag
  • be one of only a very few links pointing out from the page
  • consist of text composed of a highly useful keyword phrase
  • be emphasized in some non-distracting way
  • be buried in highly relevant context.

In short, the very best search optimization backlink should be the only link out from the home page of the number one site in the same industry you’re in, using a great keyword phrase, bold, and inside a paragraph that talks about your exact sort of product or service.

For instance, imagine that this page was really really important in the world of search marketing, with a Google PageRank of 8/10. Now imagine that this paragraph is about how the Eugene search optimization industry was really taking off, revitalizing downtown, bringing big tax bucks to the local schools, and hiring 20 new high-pay staffers a month. Can you spot the ideal backlink?