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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

All righty then! Happy Friday everybody! Today’s SEO site of the Week award goes to a veritable treasure trove of useful and interesting search marketing information, Search Engine Land, more specifically, Search Engine Land’s SEO section, which is way relevant to our mission and we all know how important relevance is.

Search Engine Land has collected a great huge pile of SEO-related stories, advice articles, how-tos, and explanations-of.  As the producers of SMX, Search Marketing’s premier international conference, they have access to some of the best thinking available on the subject. Check it out. And if you’re serious about SEO and can get the scratch together, I’d suggest also checking out SMX.

SMX—Search Marketing Expo

Seattle, Washington
June 7&8, 2011

All-in-all, Search Engine Land receives five clicks, one bat, one hat, and that’s that.