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Five Reason SEO Doesn’t Matter

I know, I know. It’s what I do for a living. It’s been a hot topic marketing strategy for over a decade. It seems to work for a lot of businesses. It shows up in the mainstream news now and then. Your mom probably has heard of it. It keeps a measurable percentage of the economy afloat. JC Penny’s is doing it successfully for crissakes. SEO is, like, pizza nasty.

Still, as a separate discipline that requires project management and a separate line in the budget, SEO just doesn’t matter very much anymore. Here are five reasons:

  1. Search engines are smart enough now to know when you’re trying to impress them, and they don’t fall for it so much. Before very long, every cherished SEO tactic will be obsolete by the time it gets put into play.
  2. Any web developer who doesn’t build sites with an eye to spider access is so far behind the curve they probably work out of nursing homes.
  3. Quality content is the new deal—the whole deal, pretty much. It’s the only good way to get links, get ranks, get customers, and get them to buy stuff.
  4. Once every site is optimized, the game will evolve into who has the best content.
  5. Search optimization is already a bullet point in every web-related business’ marketing copy. Stand-alone SEO just ain’t as sexy as it used to be.

And what does all that mean? It means that SEO is being assimilated into everything, and at the same time it’s being reduced to two keyword phrases:

  • best-practices web design
  • targeted content development

Maybe I ought to be looking into Law School….