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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

All right then. Here’s one for the big dogs. Google’s Webmaster Central is a favorite stop for almost all the SEOs I know. Coming straight from the mouth of the Almighty Goog, these tools, how-tos, reports, and Official Google policy information will make anybody who works with websites look good.

Of particular interest to Search Optimizers:

  • Webmaster Guidelines
  • Search results, explained
  • About sitemaps
  • And access to the whole giant panoply of Google services and tools, much of which you’ve never heard, but still rocks the shite none-the-less

The only cost of accessing this resource is a Google Account. Which is free. Which you already have, if you’ve got Gmail, or Google Docs, or any of the neato-keeno Google things that they’ve been bestowing on us mortals for the last ten years or so.

There’s an even better Google Webmaster secret superhero lair, the Webmaster Toolkit. That’s where the SEO gold lives.  But it’s also another site, for another Friday.

Let’s give Webmaster Central a matched set of seven clicks.