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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

This week, we spotlight another SEO forum, Forums, to be rather slightly redundant. This forum has been flying under the radar for just over three years now, steadily accumulating threads and posts, commentary and crackpots, good advice and weird advice, and all in a free-for-all, spelling-challenged environment that kind of rocks. I really wouldn’t stake my clients’ success on the information in here, but I’ve gleaned some pretty interesting insights. Thing is, this forum seems to be inhabited by a cross-section of the search marketing community you see much of elsewhere—oddballs, newbies, eccentric professionals, misguided souls, and some black and white polka dot hat wearing SEO folk that aren’t too concerned about what the “big boys” think.

All in all, Forums is worth a half-hour a week or so of my time. Maybe yours too.

I’ll give it a gaggle of bats named Gary.