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10 Step SEO # 9: Navigation

Okay, now that I spent the last three posts explaining navigation’s uses for SEO, today’s post should be kind of short….  Here is a summary of all you need to know about how navigation affects your search marketing, for good or ill.

If search engine spiders

  • can’t follow your navigation—that’s bad.
  • can’t read the link text in your navigation—that’s bad.
  • can’t make sense of your URLs—that’s bad.
  • can’t find a readable sitemap—that’s bad.
  • find useful keywords in your navigation link text—that’s good.
  • can easily get to every page of your site—that’s good.
  • discover any broken navigation links—that’s bad.
  • index gobs of internal search generated pages—that’s bad.
  • can tell exactly where in your site organization they are by reading your URLs and breadcrumbs—that’s good.

And Bob’s yer uncle. Let site navigation be your friend and it will also be your visitors’ friend. And even more importantly, it will be your search engine spider’s friend, too.