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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Today’s SEO Site of the Week goes to a content publisher named Squidoo.  As content publishers go, this one is a little different. You sign up for an account, and are then able to create and publish any number of single page micro-sites you wish. Curious place, Squidoo, all full of stuff of every kind, shape, and purpose.  Some folks use this place to try and make money—they create pages they think will draw visits from Google (or other sources) and hope the visitors will click on ads. Every ad click turns into a little bit of revenue. Enough pages, enough traffic, enough luck, and it’s theoretically possible to make some change.

That’s not why I put them here, however. As far as a channel for hand-crafted, topic-relevant backlink building, well, Squidoo kind of rules.  Need a few backlinks for a site about pet supplies? Build yourself 25 pages on Squidoo and you can have 50 or so backlinks with the link text of your dreams. (And coming from a different IP from your site is a good thing, also.)

What the heck would you build 25 pages about? How about every cute pet you ever owned. Every dog show, every cat show, every reptiles/rodents/owls make great pets thing you can think of. The pages don’t have to be superb content. They just have to be decent content. Toss in a few pictures and you’re golden.

And if you’re really into it, participate in their forum and every comment you make contains a couple of links too!

I’ll give it a few clicks.