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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Looking to burn through a bunch of your travel budget? And gain extremely valuable SEO knowledge at the same time? And pile up a HUGE business expense tax write-off?

Today’s SEO Site of the Week can definitely help with all that. I’m talking about SES Conference & Expo, the search marketing industry-leading conventioneers and ringleaders.

Yes, attending one of these bad boys is spendy. Yes, it would take up a lot of time. Yes, it would mean air-travel (scan or pat down?) to unfamiliar megalopoli.  Yes, these buggers are huge, intimidating, chaotic, messy, loud, crowded, and confusing. And yes, they are simply packed with useful SEO stuff.

Are you new at this search optimization thing? Get a big kick-start here.

Are you a pro, but find yourself falling behind the technology curve? Get caught up on all the latest techniques here.

Are you looking for some specific insights into specific engines? Here.

So pack up a suitcase and laptop, limber up your AmEx card, and get hooked up. You’ll hate me for as long as it takes to get checked in, registered, and oriented. Then you’ll start getting hooking into the stream of universal SEO wisdom that flows through SES, and you’ll start to think better of me. And when you do next year’s taxes, I do believe you’ll thank me.

I give SES a bunch of random mixed images.