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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Ah, yes, Friday’s SEO Site of Week. And the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, no less. Which makes it really awesome. So, in honor of the awesomeness that is the first 3-day weekend of America’s summer, we give this week’s award to:



What? Craigslist? SEO Site of the Week? What?

Yup. Hear us out. With the Google Panda update, emphasis is now placed squarely on Quality Content. Sites can no longer expect to get away with page after page of barely literate crap, regardless of how many keywords are stuffed into it. And quality content means writers.

You remember writers. They’re those geeks who do what everybody else thinks they could do, if only they had the time. Only they can’t. Writing is a real skill, honed by years of hard work. Writing for the web is an even more specialized skill set, one possessed by only a small fraction of professional writers. And writing SEO-friendly, high quality, interesting, sales-oriented, web content—well, let’s just say that people who that well aren’t hanging out in front of the hardware store looking for work.

Which begs the question: Where then can you find good SEO content writers, especially now that they are “back in demand?”

Freelance writers congregate in several places, college English Departments, State Unemployment Services, freelancer websites like “” and “” But I always look on first.

Why? Because we like to hire local talent whenever possible. And because we want to pay a fair but reasonable fee. And because we just like the whole idea of Craigslist.

You can pay a very modest sum to place ads in the Help Wanted section, under # web / info design, or # writing / editing. Or you can browse the Services section under write/ed/tr8, or, place an ad under Gigs, writing. Why not all of the above?

Some of the advantages are:

  • You’re hiring local talent, which is easier to manage and the community-responsible thing to do
  • People who find and offer placements through Craigslist tend to be more technologically savvy, and for web writing, that’s a good thing
  • Pay scales for services contracted through CL tend to be much more loosely organized, which means you can possibly negotiate a better deal

Let’s give 3 clicks and a surprise in honor of the Memorial Day weekend.