Google Instant: Now the Wrong Page Is Even Faster

Couple of days ago, we went on a little rant about Google’s propensity for trying to read our minds in order to deliver search results just the way we want them. Never mind that they really can’t read anybody’s mind, and let alone the extraordinary level of control they can then exert over our access to information, and forget completely that this could absolutely ruin the whole search marketing industry—we forget where we were going with this, but rest assured, the internet is not a better place because of Google’s determination to guess what we want and deliver it without further ado.

So now, today, we read about Google Instant.


Now, not only do they try to decide what you really want to see, but they then assume that they are right and start loading their first choice for you onto your computer. This is known as “prefetching” and while it may speed up your experience—if they did guess right—it also uses your computing resources without your permission which may have a deleterious effect on any multitasking you’re doing, or on your trying to load the page you actually wanted.

Please Google please! Make it stop!

A bunch of stories about Google Instant











1 Response to “Google Instant: Now the Wrong Page Is Even Faster”

  1. June 15, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    You’re not alone. The ‘referer’ environment variable reveals whether a visitor has Google Instant turned on or off. Yesterday we got 331 search referrals from Google at our site Qirina; of those, 115 had Instant turned OFF. In other words no less than 34 percent of all Google users willfully changed Google’s default setting. With such a strong reaction against it, I’m surprised Google haven’t pulled it yet.

    If the Google management chance to come across the strong sentiments voiced in this post, I’m sure it will be the last straw and we’ll be liberated from Instant once and for all. 🙂

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