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Search Marketing = Endless Remodel

Where is the bathroom?

Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

So, we’re remodeling a bathroom here at Speed of Light Enterprises, and it’s at that stage where the end is in sight, but the details are beginning to bite back.

Drips of paint on the wainscot. Wall color maybe just a tad too light. Countertop contour off by just that much. Mirror a little too silver. New strike plate waaaay too small for the existing hole in the door frame.


Until you finally get it right. Then it’s cool. Everybody loves a remodel, right?

Same is true for websites. Your design team slaves for weeks, back-and-forthing colors, navigation elements, text styles until finally something gets approved. Then it’s hack and slash, and javascript tweaking, and image optimization, and CSS until it almost turns into CSI. Finally, you launch the damn thing and that’s when the details start to bite you. Web color not quite safe enough. Browser compatibility good for all versions except the one used by the company CEO. Navigation layout off by just that much. Three misspelled words in the body text (now how the hell did that happen????). Two broken links.


Until you finally get it right. Except that here’s where the similarities end. Because if your bathroom was a website, the hallways, house floorplan, doors, and everything leading up to the bathroom get randomly changed every few months and nobody can find it.

It’s Google, of course, decides who’s bathroom is best and makes sure all the hallways lead to that one. Your neighbor’s maybe. Or one across town. They continuously adjust and adapt the routes of access to your bathroom, in order to make your house—and the neighborhood, city, state, etc—just that much better.

So, back the drawing board you go. That damn bathroom will always be in the middle of remodel. Always. Forever. You have to keep making it better, if you want your friends and family to be able to find it when the need is great.

Here is a fact of life as an online business. When you finally launch a updated website, that just means it’s time to start the next remodel. Finish one update, start another.

And so it goes.