5 Things Your SEO Provider DOES NOT Know

Today's Lesson: Just what the hell do we DO around here?

CEO Schooling the SEO

You hire an SEO provider to improve your search position. You do the diligence thing: check references, make sure they use compliant techniques, get a written contract, and verify that you understand the way the fees and billing work. The minute it’s signed, you think, “Yay! Now I don’t have to think about this crap anymore! My SEO will handle everything!”

Well, yes and no. Because there are at least 5 things that your SEO provider almost certainly doesn’t know that you absolutely must school them on.

  1. What your business does. Sure, this seems like it should be obvious. But it isn’t. You’ve been doing it for a while and you understand what you do. Don’t assume that the SEO has any clue. School them.
  2. How your business does it. The business model you use to govern your operation is one of many possible models. The SEO needs to know—at least in general terms—the way you do what you do. School ’em.
  3. Who your business does it to. Who is your primary demographic? Not just who buys your stuff, but who might buy your stuff, what kind of people they are, where they live, what they’re likely to do and want. Surely you have this info close to hand. Don’t you? SCHOOL the SEO.
  4. When your business does it. If there are times of the day, week, month, or year that your business booms—or bombs—let the SEO in on it. School’s in session!
  5. Where your business rules. Geography is everything. If you know you have limitations on where you do business, let the SEO know. If  you know areas where you’re already kicking ass, let ’em know. To school!

Oh, yeah. And there’s one more thing you better be perfectly clear, up-front, and honest about. Just exactly what are your expectations? If the SEO didn’t ask you this well before you signed a contract, they didn’t do their job. It is absolutely essential to the success of any search marketing project that everybody starts out on the same page.

And preferably stays there.

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