Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

What with all the Panda Panic and all, it seems every webmaster in the world is scrambling to get loads and loads of “quality” content to replace all the “crap” content their SEO contractors have been generating for them over the past decade or so. It’s true that a site rich in quality content should perform better than one full of dreck. However, nobody really yet knows just where that line is. It’s probably not a very bright line. And it’s probably not the sort of thing that can be generated. Or mass-produced. Or procured in any way other than the old-fashioned way: written by someone who at least kind of knows how to write.

Which begs the question: where exactly does one find these writer people?

In a Friday posting past, we mentioned the value of Craigslist in this regard. You post an ad for a “Quality Content Writer” and offer to pay them, oh, say $1 for each page of “quality content” they crank out. Who knows? Might work.

But if it doesn’t, you can always hire one of the millions of English degree graduates who are currently unemployed. Best way we know is to hook yourself up with one of the freelancer dating services.

Today’s SEO site of the week is actually 2 sites. Bonus!

Freelance.com and Elance.com. We chose both because it’s kind of hard to tell them apart. Both are full of freelance writers who would be more than happy to compete for any little content writing gig you can think up.

Just be aware: calling oneself a freelance writer does not make one a writer. Always check references and samples. Oh, and ALWAYS insist that the content they create for you belongs to you, and is uniquely written just for you.

We’ll give them a click each and one bat they can share.

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