Let’s talk about Bing, shall we?

First, we have to say (in point of full-disclosure) that we are not big fans of Bing. When Microsoft released it in 2009, we scoffed. Bing? Really? Why not make your intentions even clearer and call it Biggle? (Actually, at the time we thought they might have had better long-term success with “Bong,” but that is another kettle of worms entirely.)

The launch of Bing was surrounded by one of the larger hooplas ever seen. We’d guess that MS spent way more money promoting their  new search engine than they spent building it. The artificial buzz they created just reeked of MBA-juice: hyperbolic articles in every major technology publication, press release after press release, gushing “reviews” that were clearly penned in the MS Marketing Dept, and on and on ad infinitum ad naseum, ad vomitus.

Surely, we thought, not even the Public could be stupid enough to fall for this oh-so inferior search engine simply because of the overwhelming promotional effort. Surely throwing a mega-dollar campaign machine at a revamped Yahoo engine would not be enough to make it “cool.” Of course, the success trajectory of Lady GaGa did nothing to encourage us as far as the Public discernment is concerned.

So they released Bing. And hyped it. And hyped it some more. You could read internet commentary from pithy blog to respected dead-tree pub and Bing was the only search engine you heard peep one about. But something strange happened.

We were right to hope. And Bill Gates was wrong to assume that the masses were that incredibly gullible.

Despite all you hear about the inroads Bing is making, about the huge successes it continues to rack up,  about all the wonderful ways it has made life safe and happy for us all, the damn thing still sucks and it’s still pretty much irrelevant.

Search engine statistics don't lie!

Okay, so Bing’s market share is still pretty low compared to Google. Surely all the Microsoft Money has increased its presence at the expense of all the little engines that couldn’t! Read all the breathless “news” articles proclaiming Bing’s incipient victory (quoted straight from the press release) and you can’t help but believe! Bing will win! Yay!

Not so fast.

Hmmm. Even without the Goog, Bing's a little limp.

Remove the Google numbers and you’ll note that Bing’s market share can’t even compete with Baidu, let alone Yahoo. If anything, they’ve even lost a little ground in past couple of months.

So let ‘er rip, Microsoft, let the rain of overt promotional media continue to fall. Spend every last dime of Uncle Bill’s hoard trying to break into the search engine club.

Personally. we think all that money would have been much better spent trying to write a better search algorithm. But, hey. Maybe that’s just crazy talk.

If you can’t buy success, what the hell’s money for?

All data from NetMarketShare.

1 Response to “Bing?”

  1. July 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful . Amazing.

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