Yet Another SEO Quiz

Where should we go for lunch?

Attention local businesses!

In the spirit of summer break from school, we’ve decided to spring a pop quiz! Everybody, eyes front. Pencils ready….. Go.

  1. Which of the following accounts is most important:
    a. Manta
    b. Google Places
    c. Bing Business Portal
    d. Foursquare
  2. Which of the following social media platforms if most likely to have a positive impact:
    a. MySpace
    b. Digg
    c. StumbleUpon
    d. Facebook
  3. Which of the following strategies is most likely to improve your search position with Google:
    a. Paid Yellow Pages links
    b. Press releases to local papers
    c. Review & citation campaign
    d. Social media “fan” pages
  4. It is not important for local businesses to maintain a blog. (true/false)
  5. It makes sense for local businesses to expend consistent effort on content creation. (true/false)
  6. A local business website can be thought of as a modern Yellow Pages-type ad—post your address and phone number and forget it.  (true/false)
  7. For a local brick-and-mortar, spending $2000 on an SEO campaign will pay for itself in six months. (true/false)
  8. Facebook “likes” can help your Google Places rank. (true/false)
  9. Google +1 doesn’t apply to local search. (true/false)
  10. Backlinks are the most important single thing, even for local businesses. (true/false)


  1. b
  2. d
  3. c
  4. false. Consistent blog posting keeps any site fresh in search engine indexes.
  5. true. With any website, more better content is always a good thing.
  6. false. Sorry, but if you want continued and lasting search success, you have to keep working at it.
  7. false. Sadly for us, probably not. For local store-front businesses, realizing profit from an SEO campaign takes a long time—and may not be worth spending that kind of money. Try learning to do SEO yourself, or find someone who can do it for less. A $500 campaign is a lot more reasonable for most local businesses.
  8. true. At least for now, Facebook likes (as well as all the other similar social media flags) count for search position.
  9. false. As in above, only Google’s +1 almost counts for even more.
  10. true. Sigh. Yep. There’s no getting around the value of quality, relevant backlinks. Sorry.

10 correct: you are an SEO Star
7-9 correct: you’re doing all right, but could learn a bit more
4-6 correct: maybe you should consider hiring somebody to do your SEO
1-3 correct: give up on SEO and stick with the print Yellow Pages

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