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Google Changes Algo! Film at Eleven!

And here we go again! Let the whiners whine, the criers cry, the complainers complain, and the smart adapt. Yep, it’s another Google algorithm “tweak.” We’re not sure what they’re calling this one, but we have a few suggestions.

  • The Caffeinated Panda Update
  • The Fresh to the Last Drop Tweakage
  • That Fresh Feeling
  • Flak Friday Freakout
  • The New Gnu Knew News Minor Modification to an Existing Platform Remodel

Okay, now that we got that out of our system, what’s THIS algo update mean? Well, as far as we can tell, it’s Google’s way of addressing the competition from Facebook and Twitter, where you are delivered the latest immediate updated news constantly. (Which is ever so much better, especially if what you call “news” is the most recent brain fart of somebody you barely know and hardly care about and won’t read anyway.)

Freshness is what they call it.

For about 35% of all searches, Google’s new algo will supposedly promote “newer” (or “fresher,”  if you prefer) content above “older” (or “staler”) content. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, try a search for “Madonna” and see how deep you have to go find a classic painting or anything else about the Virgin Mary.  Try “tea party” and hunt for anything historical about Boston or literary about Alice.

Kidding! (Mostly!) Actually, this tweak might turn out okay. A lot of search happens to be current events and pop culture related. For those things, freshness matters.

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