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Is Google Building Skynet?

I'm sorry, Dave, I can't complete your search just now. Please try again later, after you've calmed down.

Well, here it comes.

We’ve been predicting for some time now that Google will pretty soon render SEO as obsolete as phone cords by evolving some serious cognitive abilities.

While this sort of thing has been tried before (WolframAlpha does kind of a pretty good job of understanding the question), the new push by Google into the realm of artificial intelligence will be the One that Changes Everything.

Why this one? Because if anyone has the resources, the brain-pool, and the profit motive to create our new Digital Overlord, it would be the Goog.

Read on, future Eloi.

Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever


The Game Is Afoot

Super Brainiac Ken Jennings Gets Pwned by Watson

This week, human society takes a sharp left turn into an unknown but very interesting side-street. Jeopardy, TV longest running game show for brainiacs just got invaded by a computer intelligence from the future. Humanity, meet your new Overlord, Watson.

Why do I care? Well, aside from the fact that it’s pretty insanely cool to see artificial intelligence reach this level of sophistication, there is a very direct bearing on the world of internet search and its symbiotic stalker, SEO.

Here’s what’s coming.¬† Watson’s ability to

  1. understand conversational human speech and
  2. to analyze large quantities of information in a millisecond,
  3. and to sort through all possible answers and
  4. to choose the best one by probability

allows computers based on this technology to:

  • respond directly to spoken language. “Watson, what does¬† ‘symbiotic’ mean?” instead of using a traditional search engine;
  • understand the question in all its nuanced human obliquity, including the understanding of you really meant to ask;
  • reply in conversational language. “‘Symbiotic’ refers to a mutually beneficial relationship among organisms, Dave” instead of a page full of possible answers ranked by some obscure algorithm.

Which means, I’m afraid, the whole game is gonna change. With Watson deciding which internet content best answers your search for information, SEO strategies become irrelevant. It won’t matter how many links from important sites you have. It won’t matter how many times you used the keyword or where.

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