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Google Says SEO Is Not Spam


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Our SEO Site of the Week goes to Matt Cutts’s Blog.

Who the heck is Matt Cutts, you ask? Good question. Let me explain.

Suppose you were interested in successfully ranking your favorite keywords in Google. Suppose further that you wanted to gather all the information possible about what to do, what not to do, and what not to EVER EVER do?

Then ask yourself: “What would it be worth to have a guy inside Google who is willing to share official and semi-official Google thinking on the subject of SEO?” Admit it, whether your hat is black, gray or white, that sort of inside scoop would be golden.

Matt’s that guy.  He’s been with Google since 2000. He’s the head of the Google Spam Team. And while his blog is definitely not an official Mouth of Google, it is pretty much the Company Line. Which is good. Because we know all sorts of places to get the speculation, innuendo, rumor, sky-is-falling, fear-mongering, and fabrications about Google, their plans and strategies and policies, but Matt is one of the few places to go for a reasonably intelligent discussion from inside the walls.

I follow the blog and subscribe to his twitter feed. You could definitely learn something here.

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