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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Today’s site of the week is a little different. When we looked at our RSS aggregated news feed (SEO News) this morning, we were struck by a rather odd meta-conversation that seemed to be emerging. Out of 20 headlines, 5 were about that most wondrous of search engines, Bing. Fully one-quarter of the search engine-related news is about Bing! Wow! Bing must be on the rise, emerging, climbing, winning!

Erm, well, maybe not. Here’s four of them:

Bing Makes Bid To Become Top Deals Destination

Bing Adds Video Home Page To Welcome Fall Season

Bing Introduces Action Buttons to Search Results

Microsoft’s Plan to Stop Losing Money on Bing

Well, they may not be making up much market-share, but they definitely got the old Press Release/Marketing/Promotions-share cornered.

In that vein, here’s the article we chose for Site of the Week:

Bing Bleeding Billions from Microsoft

We give this whole freaking thread a gigantic bonfire of the vanities.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Don’t know why, exactly, but this strikes us as really sorta funny. Funny enough to make site of the week, anyway.

Who is Google’s Number One Result for “Search Engine”?

You guessed it……


Coming in at #2, Bing. Followed by #3, Yahoo. Today, at any rate, Google came in at #11 in their own engine on a search for the name of their very own  game. They did have a second-position AdWord, though. Wonder what they pay per click?

We gonna give this a whole bunch of lols.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Okay, we’ve done SEOMoz a couple of times already and maybe we should lay off for a while. After today, of course. Because we figured it’s about time to give the brains of the outfit a shout out.

Rand Fishkin. And His Blog.

He’s been doing this stuff almost as long as we have. And he’s a lot smarter. Go there.

Give it a whole herd of Zen cows.




Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

SEO Site O’the Week goes to Give Me a Review’s review of commercial SEO software.  Now, just to be fair, we have very little use or patience for “SEO in a box” solutions, finding it kind of a false hope that you can do SEO without much effort. Instead, we rely on a host of (mostly) free online tools, and lots of effort.

We do know that there are a lot of folks out there who do rely on SEO software, of course, and just for y’all, here’s a pretty decent set of comparison reviews of  ten popular packages.

We make no endorsements of any kind. Let the buyer beware. Caveat emptor. Proceed at your own peril. Yer on yer own.

Give Me a Review: SEO Software

Easy worth a monkey or two.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Found an interesting list of advanced SEO techniques. Some, we wouldn’t actually call advanced, really, but much good info here.

30+ Advanced SEO Tactics, Techniques and Resources (55+ Links)

Since we just got done with some skanky furry giant-nasty projects that seemed kind of random, we’ll give them a random assortment of stuff.



Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

This week, we’re going with a fellow SEO blogger with a funny name, Beanstalk.  It’s really an SEO provider company’s blog, designed to draw visits and customers to their site and to give said site an SEO boost, but you can’t hold that against them if the blog is otherwise useful, as this one is. Wow, what a crappy sentence. Anyway, check ’em out. Just know that we’re not actually recommending them as an SEO company (don’t know them well enough for that). We just like the blog.

Beanstalk’s Blog

Give ’em a three clicker.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Every SEO wants to know just one thing: what really goes on in Google’s mind-the-size-of-a-planet? And that’s the one thing that nobody knows. Not even Google, probably. But if there was anyone out there that had a faint glimmer of understanding, that person just might be named Matt Cutts.

Matt is currently head of the Google Webspam Team, but he’s been on the inside there since the dawn of the Millennium. He knows where the bodies are buried.

Best of all, he is one of the dedicated Mouths of Google, speaking pearls of insight  through his blog Gadgets, Google, and SEO (which was, in fact, our second ever Site of the Week).

That’s all well and good, if you have the time or inclination to read said blog thoroughly and always. If you haven’t time for that, however, you are not completely screwed.

This week’s SotW goes to a page on site called Spotted Panda where the kind pandas there have distilled all the Wisdom of Matt into a much more digestible format.

Confirmed SEO Facts (by Matt Cutts)

Def worth a read, and also worth an army of happy spiders and an embedded panda journalist to keep tabs on them.




Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

For this week’s Site o’the Week, we’ll dip into a pretty good list of SEO tips from the folks at Search Engine Journal. Okay, we admit that we chose this one largely because of the title. Of course, they don’t really know our mothers….

55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love

This one deserves at least one, maybe two cherry pies. Okay maybe one VERY LARGE cherry pie. Maybe the BEST DAMNED CHERRY PIE EVER. From Three Babes Bakeshop of San Francisco. Seriously. Good pie.

Three Babes Pieshop--Finest Pie on the Planet

Three Babes Pieshop--Finest Pie on the Planet. Or any planet.



Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Goes to–ah hell. Couldn’t find one worthy.  We might be running out of quality SEO sites. If something doesn’t come to mind by next Friday, maybe we’ll have to rethink the whole bloody thing.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

What with all the Panda Panic and all, it seems every webmaster in the world is scrambling to get loads and loads of “quality” content to replace all the “crap” content their SEO contractors have been generating for them over the past decade or so. It’s true that a site rich in quality content should perform better than one full of dreck. However, nobody really yet knows just where that line is. It’s probably not a very bright line. And it’s probably not the sort of thing that can be generated. Or mass-produced. Or procured in any way other than the old-fashioned way: written by someone who at least kind of knows how to write.

Which begs the question: where exactly does one find these writer people?

In a Friday posting past, we mentioned the value of Craigslist in this regard. You post an ad for a “Quality Content Writer” and offer to pay them, oh, say $1 for each page of “quality content” they crank out. Who knows? Might work.

But if it doesn’t, you can always hire one of the millions of English degree graduates who are currently unemployed. Best way we know is to hook yourself up with one of the freelancer dating services.

Today’s SEO site of the week is actually 2 sites. Bonus! and We chose both because it’s kind of hard to tell them apart. Both are full of freelance writers who would be more than happy to compete for any little content writing gig you can think up.

Just be aware: calling oneself a freelance writer does not make one a writer. Always check references and samples. Oh, and ALWAYS insist that the content they create for you belongs to you, and is uniquely written just for you.

We’ll give them a click each and one bat they can share.

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