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Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

This week, we’re going back to the old Google mine for another bit of essential SEO. This one is vital to any web site that has a local component.

Google Places

If you don’t know already, Google Places is kind of like a Yellow Pages ad that shows up when someone searches [keyword] and/or [your industry] + [your location]. You’ve seen Google Places listings—they’re the results listings that show up next to a local map full of flags. And it doesn’t matter if your bizz is number one for your money  keyword, if you don’t show up in the Places listings, you’re still way down the page.

Places isn’t quite like regular search results. You have some control over what people see. You can open an account (usually associated with a Gmail account) and enter your business details just the way you want them. You can upload photos or videos. You can list hours of operation, specials, whatever.

The only catch to all this is you have to prove you are the rightful owner. So, you fill everything out, and submit, and Google says “Prove you are the owner.” They will either make an automatic phone call to your listed phone number with a PIN code, or if you prefer, they will mail the PIN in a postcard to your business address.

That’s all there is to it. It’s free. And if you want to do internet business locally, it is absolutely necessary.

We’ll give it some clicks.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Ah, yes, Friday’s SEO Site of Week. And the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, no less. Which makes it really awesome. So, in honor of the awesomeness that is the first 3-day weekend of America’s summer, we give this week’s award to:



What? Craigslist? SEO Site of the Week? What?

Yup. Hear us out. With the Google Panda update, emphasis is now placed squarely on Quality Content. Sites can no longer expect to get away with page after page of barely literate crap, regardless of how many keywords are stuffed into it. And quality content means writers.

You remember writers. They’re those geeks who do what everybody else thinks they could do, if only they had the time. Only they can’t. Writing is a real skill, honed by years of hard work. Writing for the web is an even more specialized skill set, one possessed by only a small fraction of professional writers. And writing SEO-friendly, high quality, interesting, sales-oriented, web content—well, let’s just say that people who that well aren’t hanging out in front of the hardware store looking for work.

Which begs the question: Where then can you find good SEO content writers, especially now that they are “back in demand?”

Freelance writers congregate in several places, college English Departments, State Unemployment Services, freelancer websites like “” and “” But I always look on first.

Why? Because we like to hire local talent whenever possible. And because we want to pay a fair but reasonable fee. And because we just like the whole idea of Craigslist.

You can pay a very modest sum to place ads in the Help Wanted section, under # web / info design, or # writing / editing. Or you can browse the Services section under write/ed/tr8, or, place an ad under Gigs, writing. Why not all of the above?

Some of the advantages are:

  • You’re hiring local talent, which is easier to manage and the community-responsible thing to do
  • People who find and offer placements through Craigslist tend to be more technologically savvy, and for web writing, that’s a good thing
  • Pay scales for services contracted through CL tend to be much more loosely organized, which means you can possibly negotiate a better deal

Let’s give 3 clicks and a surprise in honor of the Memorial Day weekend.



Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

We’re always looking for ways to make this business easier. And of all the things that need to be easier, link acquisition would have to be right up there at the top. Face it. Link acquisition sucks. Particularly if you are determined to get good quality, white hat, traffic-driving, useful, and interesting links—not to even mention links that pass SEO juice.

So when I tell you that the SEO site of the week this week is YouTube, you have to think about it this way:

Where else can you post a 2 minute video of a cat chasing its shadow that can potentially turn into 1,000s of links overnight?

Seriously. This is some mighty mojo. Of course, it’s not that easy. You have to do things just right to get any link value out of YouTube. You have to

  • produce video clips that are relevant to your website (tutorials, reviews, interviews, etc)
  • make videos that are high enough quality to suit the intended audience (doesn’t mean you need Spielberg, just that you need to think through a script, use fairly decent equipment, and edit the thing)
  • upload videos that are in some way attractive (funny is good, but useful, interesting, odd, or even seductive can be good)
  • make sure it’s embeddable (because when somebody embeds your vid, that’s what makes it a link)

If you’re lucky enough or good enough, your vid might even go viral. And that’s a good way to gather lots and lots of links. Let’s give ’em a matched trio of wizard hats.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Looking to burn through a bunch of your travel budget? And gain extremely valuable SEO knowledge at the same time? And pile up a HUGE business expense tax write-off?

Today’s SEO Site of the Week can definitely help with all that. I’m talking about SES Conference & Expo, the search marketing industry-leading conventioneers and ringleaders.

Yes, attending one of these bad boys is spendy. Yes, it would take up a lot of time. Yes, it would mean air-travel (scan or pat down?) to unfamiliar megalopoli.  Yes, these buggers are huge, intimidating, chaotic, messy, loud, crowded, and confusing. And yes, they are simply packed with useful SEO stuff.

Are you new at this search optimization thing? Get a big kick-start here.

Are you a pro, but find yourself falling behind the technology curve? Get caught up on all the latest techniques here.

Are you looking for some specific insights into specific engines? Here.

So pack up a suitcase and laptop, limber up your AmEx card, and get hooked up. You’ll hate me for as long as it takes to get checked in, registered, and oriented. Then you’ll start getting hooking into the stream of universal SEO wisdom that flows through SES, and you’ll start to think better of me. And when you do next year’s taxes, I do believe you’ll thank me.

I give SES a bunch of random mixed images.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

Today’s SEO Site of the Week goes to a content publisher named Squidoo.  As content publishers go, this one is a little different. You sign up for an account, and are then able to create and publish any number of single page micro-sites you wish. Curious place, Squidoo, all full of stuff of every kind, shape, and purpose.  Some folks use this place to try and make money—they create pages they think will draw visits from Google (or other sources) and hope the visitors will click on ads. Every ad click turns into a little bit of revenue. Enough pages, enough traffic, enough luck, and it’s theoretically possible to make some change.

That’s not why I put them here, however. As far as a channel for hand-crafted, topic-relevant backlink building, well, Squidoo kind of rules.  Need a few backlinks for a site about pet supplies? Build yourself 25 pages on Squidoo and you can have 50 or so backlinks with the link text of your dreams. (And coming from a different IP from your site is a good thing, also.)

What the heck would you build 25 pages about? How about every cute pet you ever owned. Every dog show, every cat show, every reptiles/rodents/owls make great pets thing you can think of. The pages don’t have to be superb content. They just have to be decent content. Toss in a few pictures and you’re golden.

And if you’re really into it, participate in their forum and every comment you make contains a couple of links too!

I’ll give it a few clicks.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

This week, we spotlight another SEO forum, Forums, to be rather slightly redundant. This forum has been flying under the radar for just over three years now, steadily accumulating threads and posts, commentary and crackpots, good advice and weird advice, and all in a free-for-all, spelling-challenged environment that kind of rocks. I really wouldn’t stake my clients’ success on the information in here, but I’ve gleaned some pretty interesting insights. Thing is, this forum seems to be inhabited by a cross-section of the search marketing community you see much of elsewhere—oddballs, newbies, eccentric professionals, misguided souls, and some black and white polka dot hat wearing SEO folk that aren’t too concerned about what the “big boys” think.

All in all, Forums is worth a half-hour a week or so of my time. Maybe yours too.

I’ll give it a gaggle of bats named Gary.


Friday’s SEO Site of the Week

All right then. Here’s one for the big dogs. Google’s Webmaster Central is a favorite stop for almost all the SEOs I know. Coming straight from the mouth of the Almighty Goog, these tools, how-tos, reports, and Official Google policy information will make anybody who works with websites look good.

Of particular interest to Search Optimizers:

  • Webmaster Guidelines
  • Search results, explained
  • About sitemaps
  • And access to the whole giant panoply of Google services and tools, much of which you’ve never heard, but still rocks the shite none-the-less

The only cost of accessing this resource is a Google Account. Which is free. Which you already have, if you’ve got Gmail, or Google Docs, or any of the neato-keeno Google things that they’ve been bestowing on us mortals for the last ten years or so.

There’s an even better Google Webmaster secret superhero lair, the Webmaster Toolkit. That’s where the SEO gold lives.  But it’s also another site, for another Friday.

Let’s give Webmaster Central a matched set of seven clicks.